Student Cultural Exchange Program Experience Japan


Adult Leader

The 2020 adult leader is Cara Ihde.
The 2021 adult leader is Angelica Mayanja.

An adult leader accompanies the student delegates on the cultural exchange trips held each summer. TSCA pays all travel expenses for the adult leader.

Who is eligible to apply: An adult who

  • lives or works in Torrance
  • has a background in education, counseling, youth activities, and/or behavioral science
  • has a keen interest in and strong desire to learn about Japan
  • is at least twenty-six years old at the time of the trip.

Responsibilities include:

  • Participating in the Student Selection Committee
  • Serving as a good role model for the students
  • Organizing a visual record of the trip, showing typical activities
  • Participating in orientation sessions

An application can be downloaded on the Join/Participate page, or call (310) 618-2930 for information.


Click here for the 2020 Adult Leader Application.