Teach English in Kashiwa, Japan


Kashiwa English Teacher

We are pleased to announce that Pedro Abina will be our new English teacher at Ichikashi from Aug. 1, 2023.

UPDATE: (January 2024): There are no teaching positions open for 2024.

Our English teacher, Pedro Abina received his official contact from the Kashiwa board of education in November.
He replaced Deanna Sun and joined our other teacher Chris Pigao at Ichikashi.

Pedro Abina gave his introduction speech to the students at Ichikashi via broadcast at in November.
Seated next to him is Chris Pigao. He spoke in English, Spanish and Japanese— trilingual!

Teach English Flyer

During school closures, our English teachers and their co-workers at Kashiwa Municipal High School made videos for their students to keep them engaged. (Following 5 videos). Check these out! Update: April 21, 2022.


Deanna teaching students in her classroom.

Zoom Meeting

Brandon Matsumoto, our English teacher and club advisor joined KEYS members in a meeting room in Kashiwa hosting four games. Twenty-five participants from seven countries enjoyed the activities and time in breakout rooms for informal conversation. Many thanks to Brandon for being the technical director and to the KEYS team for an excellent job in organizing the event.

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